Thursday, September 15, 2011

We're Alive Still- I Promise!

Contrary to what our frequency of blog posts implies, we are still alive! I have always been a poor journal keeper, so it really doesn't surprise me that I'm not any better at blogging... but of course, that's no excuse :).

For a quick update:

1. We still in live in Boise-- we've made it past the year mark! Crazy! We're still in our 1 bedroom apartment because A) We've finally "settled in" and we really don't need anymore room at the moment and B) We are way too lazy to move out. 3rd floor means lots of stairs, although Ryan has suggested we could throw everything over the balcony. I'm still considering it :). No, we really are happy with our apartment and are enjoying our ward.

2. Speaking of our ward-- Ryan is in the Young Men's Presidency. Sometimes I wish I was a Deacon, just so I could say I had a cool leader like him. Those boys sure are lucky! I think Ryan is enjoying it too (They recently had a mutual activity at the golf driving range. Coincidence? I'll let you decide ;)). I am currently serving in Primary- it sure is fun and I am learning so much.

3. School-- Ryan just started his 4th semester at BSU. He took a full load over the summer. It wasn't easy to study with all of the fun summer activities going on, but it will be worth it. I really appreciate his hard work! He's hoping for a Bachelor's in Health Sciences December 2012. Then on to a Master's in Health Administration. (Personally, I'd be fine with winning the lottery or becoming beach bums... but this will do.) Really, I am so proud of him and excited for what the future will bring!

4. Work-- Ryan is still at St. Al's keeping the patients safe. It's fun to compare work stories with him, as I am still working at the Ada County Jail. I've almost made it a year! It really is a great job and I have learned so so so much. I still can't believe I actually work at a jail. I probably could've written a book of crazy stories by now. I guess it's never to late to start, right? Honestly, the health services and security staff make it an enjoyable working environment. I have learned that everyone makes mistakes. The inmates are just normal people who have messed up a little (or sometimes a lot), but everyone can make changes and turn their lives around if they have a strong enough desire. 

5. Play-- Ryan continues to play on an indoor soccer team, The Nightmares (You may have to sleep with the lights on after watching them play :)). He does GREAT! I had my first lyrical dance class at a local dance studio on Monday evening. It is for ages 12- Adult and I actually kind of look like I fit in (with the younger girls in the class). I'm just happy to dance again for a little bit each week!

All in all, we're doing well here in Boise (Did I mention we miss Shelley, family, and friends like CRAZY??). We're enjoying the opportunities and challenges we're given each day, and look forward to what the future holds for us. Here's some pictures of our recent activities...

Cool tree, huh? !

That rock is a lot bigger than it looks :) It kinda freaked me out...but I'm a big baby.

Pretty, that's all I have to say. This is up at Bogus Basin. We hiked around here one morning.
BEFORE the Dirty Dash... Check out these links for during/after pics :)

At the Boise Hot Air Baloon Classic BEFORE we got bored...

I know, kind of gross, but we got insanely bored. The best part of this one is the guy behind Ryan's Shoulder!

That's all for now :)


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  1. just found your link of facebook. Glad I looked. Your relationship is fun and your pics are great! Glad you're doing well. I also can't believe you work at a jail!!